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Are you drowning in junk? A survey conducted in 2017 showed that 84 percent of Americans worry that their homes aren’t clean or organized enough – and 55 percent said that excess clutter is a major cause of stress.

Maybe you’re getting ready to downsize your home and need to get rid of a few decades’ worth of stuff. Maybe you’re moving to another state and can’t possibly afford to haul everything to your new home. Or maybe you’ve just built up too much stuff over the years! Regardless, you need to clean out a lot of unwanted items and there are services out there that can help!

Choose the simple, economical, and fast solution: make a call to a local junk removal service to come over and remove the junk items you no longer need at your home or business! But before you pick up the phone, here’s some guidance on what you can expect.

Why Call a Junk Removal Company?

Sure, you can do all of the decluttering duties yourself. But that’s a ton of hassle! You need to set aside time (maybe even a full week), call your friends to help with large and bulky items, and possibly rent a truck to take everything away. So, while it may seem like a simple DIY process, it can quickly get out of hand.

But why deal with all that stress when you can simply contact a professional junk removal service? They will ask you how much junk needs to be removed and what exactly the items are. Then a crew of experienced junk haulers will come to your house at the appointed time to start removing your unwanted junk.

The junk movers then sort your junk into different categories, depending on their final destination. If old furniture items, like couches, are in good condition and still usable, they can be donated to a local thrift store or habitat for humanity location. The same goes for appliances such as stoves, washers, and dryers, and e-waste.

Remember that certain appliances, like refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions (both old tube TVs and newer flat models) contain chemicals and hazardous materials. A good junk hauling service will recycle these items at an appropriate appliance recycling center for you. Anything else that can’t be donated or recycled will be taken to a landfill.

What Types of Junk Will A Junk Removal Service Take?

Junk removal services will take almost any junk you have. In addition to appliance and furniture removal, many of these services will also take other large items like hot tubs, exercise equipment, and mattresses. (Remember, If you have mattresses that need to be removed, you should seal them in plastic just as you would for your regular trash removal service.)

A junk removal service will also take care of non-household junk (yard waste), too. Branches, prunings, logs, and bags of grass clippings or leaves are all fair game to be hauled away. What about scrap metal? You bet! These types of services will even take construction debris following a major home remodeling project.

Unapproved Items

Junk removal services won’t accept hazardous waste, like biological or medical waste. They also won’t take hazardous chemicals like stain, thinner, or oil-based paints. This extends to any junk that may contain oil, fuel, or chemicals.

Also on the list of items that a junk removal service won’t take are cars, pickup trucks, RVs, or other vehicles like boats or planes. They also typically won’t remove extremely bulky items like 55 gallon drums or pianos. The best way to find out the specifics about what items a junk removal service accepts is to give them a call and ask so that you know upfront what they will and won’t take away.

Junk Removal vs. Dumpster Rental

Forget about dumpster rental from a waste management company. Not only is there the wait to have the dumpster delivered by a waste removal company, but there’s also the fact that you have to put up with an unsightly dumpster in your driveway for days or weeks.

Plus, it’s up to you to load up the dumpster yourself. You’ll have to rely on friends or family donating their time when they’re available to help you clear out your stuff. Then, you have to wait with a full dumpster on your property until the waste removal company comes by to pick it up. If you’ve ever dealt with a waste removal company, you know that getting anything done in a timely fashion can be nearly impossible.

Dumpster services often have numerous restrictions on the types of items you can get rid of, so you may not be able to dispose of all of the junk you were hoping to offload. (For example, you can’t dispose of tires in a rental dumpster. You also can’t put appliances or electronics in a rental dumpster!) So even after going through all of the trouble of ordering the rental, you still may have junk sitting around in your house or on your property.

Worst of all, you typically get charged twice: First, for the dumpster rental itself, and then for the overall weight of the junk that you’ve put into the dumpster. Many waste companies don’t just charge a flat fee for the dumpster, but rather the amount of time that the dumpster is on your property. That’s yet another factor to consider if you’re thinking about a dumpster rental.

With a junk removal service, you get faster service and a crew who does all the sorting and loading for you! Many junk removal services even feature same-day service. You save time and money, and you’re not paying for unused space.

With junk removal, you’re only paying for what you’re throwing away, and not risking any damage to your driveway or property because of a heavy dumpster. Why spend weeks cleaning out junk yourself when you can hire the professionals, and have it all done in an afternoon?

Express Junk: Full Service Junk Removal

If you live in northeast Ohio or western Pennsylvania and are tired of being surrounded by junk, contact Express Junk Removal today. When you contact us, you get all-inclusive service for your junk removal. Call us at 234-600-3317 or conveniently schedule an online booking.

Our junk removal prices include all the sorting of your stuff, the loading of your junk from anywhere on your property, and all of the recycling and donating (including the tariffs and fees). We price by volume, so the bigger the truckload of junk you have, the more you save.

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