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How Pricing Works

Bigger Trucks, Better Pricing

Comparing Express junk Removals truck size and how it is larger than its competitors.

Junk removal pricing is based on volume, meaning how much junk you have and how much space it takes up. The more junk you have, the better the VALUE. We pride ourselves on having the absolute best bang for your buck! Our trucks are 20% bigger than the competition.

Express Junk Removal has a unique pricing structure. Our junk removal prices are all-inclusive, which means you get:

  • Two fully insured profesional crew members
  • Junk removal from anywhere on the property or in the home
  • Loading, lifting and sorting
  • Recycling, donating and disposing of items
  • Disposal tariffs and fees
  • Gas, travel and all other transportation fees

We charge by the amount of space your trash takes up and how much you have. We think it’s more fair to you to price by volume instead of the length of time it takes us to lift and load. The best part is we’re cheaper in bulk: the more stuff you have, the more value you get! ​

Comparing Express junk Removals truck size and how it is larger than its competitors.

Hiring express for your junk removal project will save you from:

  • Multiple or wasted trips to donation centers, recycling facilities, and your local municipalities
  • Figuring out who is open and when
  • Taking your items outside for pickup
  • Wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Coordinating payment of fees and charges
  • Time and effort organizing and doing all of this yourself!

our guarantees

Here at Express Junk Removal, we make sure you get the best value for your money. Price assurance is a pillar of our guarantees, along with 100% satisfaction, and on-time arrival.

Your friendly local removers are ready to work and will arrive at the agreed-upon time, guaranteed to provide your free estimate.

Point them in the direction of your project so they can review the items you’d like removed and provide a written estimate. If the written quote is agreed upon, they’ll typically remove your items right then and there.

For large or commercial jobs, the removers may need to schedule a date and time to return. You will never be charged more than our initial, on-site quote.

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No matter where your stuff is located, we’ll get it – even from your attic, basement, or backyard!

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Express Junk Removal Pricing FAQ

is Express junk removal free?

Express Junk Removal is a paid service that offers full-service junk removal. That means that everything is included in the price; picking up items from wherever they’re located, loading the items into the truck, sweeping up the area when we’re done, and any associated disposal or recycling fees. We’ll give you a single, up-front price before we get to work, and that’s the price you’ll pay once we’re done—no surprises! Just show us the junk and we’ll make it go away!

what is a no-obligation free estimate?

We want to make sure we give you an accurate price, and since we price based on how much space your items take up, we need to see your items in person before we can give you a final price. As soon as the friendly, uniformed team arrives, they’ll take a look at all of the items you want to have removed and provide an exact price before starting the work. We only complete the job if you are happy with the price, so if you choose not to proceed, just say the word and we’ll be on our way.

how does express junk removal charge for junk removal?

We price based on how much space your items take up. Since there are a multitude of different shapes, sizes, and styles of junk out there, the best way to estimate the cost of our services is in person. This is why we offer a guaranteed free estimate!

Our prices vary based on location and there is a minimum charge for our teams to remove your items, which is different in each location, based on a number of factors, including local disposal and recycling fees.

We offer single item pricing for certain items such as mattresses or TVs, sometimes this will be less than our minimum charge. 

For materials that have a heavy cubic weight like dirt, concrete, and gravel, pricing is based on the total volume that the material takes up in the truck, up to a maximum of one foot in height for a full truck. 

can i get a price before you arrive?

No, we can’t give you an exact price over the phone. Since we typically price based on how much space your items take up, we need to see the items in person before we can give you an exact price. For some single item removals, we can give you an estimated price before the appointment, but the final price will always be given onsite. The best way to get a price is to book a free, no-obligation onsite estimate.

What payment options does Express Junk Removal offer?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, debit, checks, cash and Apple Pay.

How do coupons work?
When you book your appointment, please tell the phone team member (or include in your online comments) that you’d like to use a coupon. Make sure you have it with you when we arrive to do the work, and present it to the crew before we start to ensure we can honor the discount.
Does your crew accept tips?
Yes! If you think the crew did a good job and you’d like to recognize their hard work, tips are always appreciated.
How do I schedule junk removal appointment?

We offer a variety of ways to schedule your stress-free service:

Book Online: Just click right here to book online instantly!

Call Us: Give us a call, 234-600-3317.