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That old TV from the 90s, that weathered picnic table in your backyard, that storage room you don’t have time to clean, even that old couch you haven’t replaced yet because you don’t know what to do with it – Express Junk Removal can take care of it all and much more!

For our first official blog post, we are going to give you 10 great reasons to let our team do the heavy lifting and free your home of unwanted items. Future blog posts will offer helpful tips on everything from getting your house ready to sell, to preventing critters from invading your basement and attic.

But first – a little more about what our full-service junk-removal company can do to make your life easier:

10. Scheduling is Easy and Painless

You can schedule your free on-site price quote online or by calling 234-600-3317. If only everything in life could be so simple…

9. We Won’t Leave You Hanging

We arrive on time and even call you when we are on our way (because who has time to wait around forever?).

8. FREE On-Site Price Quotes!

Once we’ve assessed the job, we let you know exactly what the price will be before we do any work. If you decide you’d rather not use us after all, we leave – no charge and no hard feelings (we might be a little sad but it’s okay).

7. Same-Day Service

…but if you DO want us to do the work, we will take care of it right away. Adios, junk!

6. Our Guys are Nice & Normal

We are not creepy (except for one guy (just kidding)). Our crews are friendly, well-trained and show up in uniform.

5. We are Go-Getters

No need to bring your stuff out to the driveway. Whether it’s in the deepest depths of the basement or the hot and stuffy attic, our crews will drag it all out for you and haul it all away.

4. We Donate and Recycle Your Stuff!

You love the Earth and so do we. That’s why we donate and recycle as much of your junk as we possibly can. This includes all appliances, TVs and computer monitors. No need to separate it out – we will take care of it!

3. Did Someone Say Tax Deduction?

You will get a tax-deductible receipt for everything we’re able to donate.

2. We Clean Up After Ourselves

The Express Junk Removal crews sweep up after every job and leave your abode looking great.

1. You’ll be Supporting a Local Small Business

We are not a franchise and genuinely appreciate every one of our clients. We take pride in our work and even call you after the job is done to make sure you’re fully satisfied.

Bonus Reason

We are fully insured.

Bonus-Bonus Reason

The list of items we can take away is huge!