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Removing a large amount of old furniture items, mattresses, or random junk can be a pain! But lucky for you, a furniture removal service can help!

If you’ve got an item that is simply too big to get rid of on your own, a furniture removal service’s crew will get the job done in no time – a big truck will show up, clear the furniture from your property, clean out the area and get that unused furniture reused, recycled or disposed of.

In the end, when you need to get rid of big, bulky items, a junk removal service is an extremely economical and fast solution. (But remember, it’s important to get a fully insured, professional furniture removal/junk removal service on the case to do the heavy lifting!)

Alternative Furniture Disposal Options Can Be a Headache
Taking a big furniture removal task into your own hands can be a lot for one person to handle themselves, and pricing wise, it may not be worth it!

Usually, when people try to take on these kinds of projects, it involves a lot of online negotiation and conversation through apps like Craigslist, eBay, Etsy or LetGo (good luck haggling fair prices for your items!).

From time to time, you might be able to put your furniture out on the curb for people to take for free. But, many times, even giving things away can be a challenge!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

When it comes to getting rid of furniture, the three Rs certainly apply – reduce, reuse and recycle! When it comes to unwanted items and used furniture, recycling might allow for those pieces to be sold again, and recycling/reusing old pieces of furniture is a great way to prevent things from going straight to a landfill.

In fact, professional furniture removal services look for a variety of local charity donation and/or recycling options before they ever consider disposing of an unwanted item. It’s a win-win.. You can check a task off of your to-do list AND do something good for the environment.

Furniture and Junk Removal

When it all boils down, using a full-service furniture removal company is often the more beneficial and eco-friendly decision. A lot of times, the junk removal company can sell or donate the item(s) and even give you documentation for a tax write-off.

Otherwise, you can waste a lot of your time and energy (and sometimes money) trying to offload those bulky pieces of furniture on your own! Afterall, with junk removal services, many companies allow you to book online (it’s stress free and allows you to “book now”), and in most cases, they’ll get there within the next day or two (sometimes even the same day)!

What Will They Take?

When it comes to large furniture, a professional junk removal service will take just about anything (which is much different from renting a dumpster). These types of disposal services will typically take any non-hazardous junk or bulky waste (furniture, mattresses, beds, electrical appliances, DIY and construction debris are all common items that furniture and junk removal services accept).

Unwanted furniture and junk disposal services typically accept the following:

Beds (box springs, mattress and all bed frame parts)
Old couches (sectionals, loveseats, recliners)
Sofa beds
End tables
And more…
How Much Does It Cost?
After your appointment is scheduled, online or otherwise, you can often receive a free estimate or on-site quote with no obligation to hire. And then, on the day of your appointment, the team captain will present you with a price before doing any work.

Knowing the costs upfront gives you the opportunity to make an informed decision and weigh all the options. This hassle free process allows the team to move large items, answer any questions (see the FAQs sections) and come up with the lowest price for your junk hauling project. It’s often based on the amount and type of junk that you’ll have them move, and the prices reflect all of the labor and disposal fees. If you’re happy with the price, the furniture and junk will be removed from your property right away.

Furniture Removal Service vs. Selling Online

Due to the fact that most Americans enjoy online shopping, many have embraced online selling, too. Some folks have even made a career out of this, just being a go between for the seller and buyer via Craigslist, eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace and LetGo (just to name a few).

But, when applying this to yourself and your busy life, you need to think strategically about which items to sell online and which ones to donate. If the items can’t be sold, though, the default choice is usually to toss things out, which really isn’t always the best choice. And oftentimes, this lack of time and resources for removal/donation is the reason why many people choose a junk removal service instead.

Express Junk Removal To The Rescue!

The good news is that if you’re in the northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania area, Express Junk Removal is here to help. You can conveniently use the online booking feature or give us a call at 234-600-3317 to get the ball rolling on your clean out project.

Our junk removal professionals have all the experience and know how to help with furniture removal – big or small – and we’re fully insured to give you peace of mind. Our junk removal prices include all the sorting and loading of your junk anywhere on your property, no matter if it’s in the attic, a backyard or a cluttered basement! This also includes all of the recycling and donating (including tariffs and fees).

We price by volume, so the bigger the truckload of furniture (or junk), the more you’ll save. Even better, we are a local business and not a national franchise, so we genuinely care about all of our customers. We take great pride in our work, and we look forward to becoming the furniture removal service company you can rely on. Give us a call or book online today!