Old TV that needs to be recycled.

Technology marches on, and what was once new and shiny has become old and slow. Electronic devices are filling up landfills all over the world. It’s become such an issue that this kind of trash has its own name: E-waste, which stands for electronic waste. CD players, microwaves, cellphones, DVD players, and more are just piling up. Don’t forget the peripherals, like computer monitors, keyboards, and modems. One piece of old electronic equipment has become king of the landfill: the old CRT (cathode ray tube) television.

Maybe you’ve finally upgraded that tube TV to a beautiful flatscreen model; now it’s time to get rid of your old television. You have a few different options, depending on where you live. Let’s look at your options for TV disposal and recycling.

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Downed tree and excess yard waste from a storm.

From time to time all of our great landscaping measures get ruined by mother nature. Severe storms strike and wreak havoc on our finely landscaped properties and a lot of debris ends up in our yards, partly from trees and bushes and other times from things blown in from neighboring properties! A junk removal company might be the perfect solution for what the local trash removal company cannot take from curbside over to the landfill. There are also other eco-friendly ways to handle such messes, such as: composting, mulching, and even gathering the trimmings into a pile and inviting friends to enjoy a good old fashioned bonfire!

How Does Yard Waste Accumulate?

Yard waste takes on many different forms and categories, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll just talk about the green waste or biological waste. This kind of waste is usually biodegradable and can either be thrown into a wood chipper or composted, usually organic material leftover from landscaping waste or a storm coming through and wreaking havoc on the trees and vegetation on your property. Other examples include but are not limited to: tree limbs, tree branches, leaves, brush, excess grass mowing, holiday trees, stumps, hedge trimmings, weeds, mulch and waste from your garden. Usually you’ll see plenty of waste removal, tree removal, wood chippers, mulching companies on duty the morning after a severe storm on residential and commercial properties, as well as heavily wooded areas like parks. Downed trees can make a significant project for even the most seasoned landscaping pro, so often a junk removal or large yard waste removal company is called in to come to the rescue!

How Yard Waste Removals Work

There are plenty of reasons to consider enlisting a yard waste removal service to take care of your excess yard waste. Collecting, organizing and removing excess yard waste is something that is very physically demanding that not everyone is up to doing. Not to mention that disposal of all of the debris can be difficult due to homeowners not having the right equipment or vehicle to transport, as well as locally community ordinances being in place governing how certain waste is disposed. Some of these yard waste jobs are small and can be done by a local neighborhood high schooler and others need to be consistently kept up on by a professional company throughout the year. Downed trees, uprooted stumps, large masses of yard debris, and all things which require heavy machinery to properly dispose of need to the help of a yard waste removal service.

Organic and Compostable?

What about the other stuff that you commonly see found leftover from a yard waste removal? Things such as: garden waste, gravel, rocks, sand, sod, etc. need to be disposed of differently and likewise, the local landfill or composting services won’t accept them. The local transfer stations or landfill often uses specific disposal areas for these items, but separating the many different types of waste for disposal may result in extra costs. Other items often end up in yard waste that are not compostable, and including them in the disposed waste can result in a rejection by green yard waste collection facilities.

Non-Organic and Landfill Bound!

These items are non-organic waste and include but are not limited to: small yard toys, balls, children’s toy parts, animal waste, plastic bags and pieces, and treated wood (like railroad ties and chemically treated lumber). These items will disrupt the mix of compost and make it unusable, resulting in the compost being disposed of in a landfill. Checking through yard waste debris as it is raked, blown, or gathered will help keep these items from contaminating compostable yard waste. Enlisting the help of a junk removal service like Express Junk Removal can ease the pain of such a project. A junk removal service can help with the removal and heavy lifting of a yard waste removal, literally and figuratively!

Express Junk Removal Can Help!

The good news is that if you’re in the Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania area, Express Junk Removal is here to help. You can conveniently schedule now using the online booking feature or give us a call at 234-600-3317 to get the ball rolling on your yard waste removal project. Our full-service junk removal company has all the experience and know how to help with yard waste removal – big or small – and we’re fully insured to give you peace of mind at a fair price during stressful times. Our junk removal prices include sorting and loading of your junk anywhere on your property, no matter if it’s in the attic, a backyard or a cluttered basement. This also includes all of the recycling and donating (including tariffs and fees). We price by volume, so the bigger the truckload or dumpster rental of waste (or junk), the more you’ll save.

Connected To the Community

Even better, we are a local business and not a national franchise, so we genuinely care about all of our customers. We take great pride in our work, and we look forward to becoming the yard waste disposal and collection service company you can rely on. We work closely with many waste management facilities and are experienced with all types of yard waste. Whether it’s from a landscaping project, to reuse as compost, even hazardous waste, the junk and debris removal experts at Express Junk Removal are the company you can trust! Give us a call or book your yard clean out online today!

Estate cleanout service removing junk from a house.

The estate liquidation industry is usually supported by one of four unfortunate events in the lives of people. They are downsizing due to major lifestyle changes, death of a parent or other family member, divorce, or crippling debt. These events also often require estate or house cleanout services for the homeowner or family. And since the population is quickly aging with almost 10,000 Americans turning 65 each day, there are greater numbers of folks experiencing a downsizing in lifestyle or are passing away.

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Appliance removal service moving old appliances.

We put so much trust in our home appliances. When they stop working, it impacts our daily lives. This disruption, along with having to buy a new appliance, can make the hassle of getting rid of the old appliance even more frustrating. The next time your old refrigerator or dishwasher needs to be replaced or you decide to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model, dispose of them properly. There are many resources we have to help you recycle old appliances or donate the item to other local services for the underprivileged population in the community.

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Furniture movers, removing things out of a house onto a truck.

Removing a large amount of old furniture items, mattresses, or random junk can be a pain! But lucky for you, a furniture removal service can help! 

If you’ve got an item that is simply too big to get rid of on your own, a furniture removal service’s crew will get the job done in no time – a big truck will show up, clear the furniture from your property, clean out the area and get that unused furniture reused, recycled or disposed of. 

In the end, when you need to get rid of big, bulky items, a junk removal service is an extremely economical and fast solution. (But remember, it’s important to get a fully insured, professional furniture removal/junk removal service on the case to do the heavy lifting!)  Read more

Junk removal service hauling away junk.

Are you drowning in junk? A survey conducted in 2017 showed that 84 percent of Americans worry that their homes aren’t clean or organized enough – and 55 percent said that excess clutter is a major cause of stress. 

Maybe you’re getting ready to downsize your home and need to get rid of a few decades’ worth of stuff. Maybe you’re moving to another state and can’t possibly afford to haul everything to your new home. Or maybe you’ve just built up too much stuff over the years! Regardless, you need to clean out a lot of unwanted items and there are services out there that can help!

Choose the simple, economical, and fast solution: make a call to a local junk removal service to come over and remove the junk items you no longer need at your home or business! But before you pick up the phone, here’s some guidance on what you can expect.

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Express Junk Removal Team

10 Reasons to Let EJR Do the Dirty Work

Express Junk Removal Team

That old TV from the 90s, that weathered picnic table in your backyard, that storage room you don’t have time to clean, even that old couch you haven’t replaced yet because you don’t know what to do with it – Express Junk Removal can take care of it all and much more!

For our first official blog post, we are going to give you 10 great reasons to let our team do the heavy lifting and free your home of unwanted items. Future blog posts will offer helpful tips on everything from getting your house ready to sell, to preventing critters from invading your basement and attic.

But first – a little more about what our full-service junk-removal company can do to make your life easier:

10. Scheduling is Easy and Painless

You can schedule your free on-site price quote online or by calling 234-600-3317. If only everything in life could be so simple…

9. We Won’t Leave You Hanging

We arrive on time and even call you when we are on our way (because who has time to wait around forever?).

8. FREE On-Site Price Quotes!

Once we’ve assessed the job, we let you know exactly what the price will be before we do any work. If you decide you’d rather not use us after all, we leave – no charge and no hard feelings (we might be a little sad but it’s okay).

7. Same-Day Service

…but if you DO want us to do the work, we will take care of it right away. Adios, junk!

6. Our Guys are Nice & Normal

We are not creepy (except for one guy (just kidding)). Our crews are friendly, well-trained and show up in uniform.

5. We are Go-Getters

No need to bring your stuff out to the driveway. Whether it’s in the deepest depths of the basement or the hot and stuffy attic, our crews will drag it all out for you and haul it all away.

4. We Donate and Recycle Your Stuff!

You love the Earth and so do we. That’s why we donate and recycle as much of your junk as we possibly can. This includes all appliances, TVs and computer monitors. No need to separate it out – we will take care of it!

3. Did Someone Say Tax Deduction?

You will get a tax-deductible receipt for everything we’re able to donate.

2. We Clean Up After Ourselves

The Express Junk Removal crews sweep up after every job and leave your abode looking great.

1. You’ll be Supporting a Local Small Business

We are not a franchise and genuinely appreciate every one of our clients. We take pride in our work and even call you after the job is done to make sure you’re fully satisfied. 

Bonus Reason

We are fully insured.

Bonus-Bonus Reason

The list of items we can take away is huge! Please browse our website to learn more. 

We look forward to hearing from you!