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Your Options for TV Disposal and Recycling

Technology marches on, and what was once new and shiny has become old and slow. Electronic devices are filling up landfills all over the world. It’s become such an issue that this kind of trash has its own name: E-waste, which stands for electronic waste. CD players, microwaves, cellphones, DVD players, and more are just […]

Can A Junk Removal Service Handle Yard Waste Removal?

From time to time all of our great landscaping measures get ruined by mother nature. Severe storms strike and wreak havoc on our finely landscaped properties and a lot of debris ends up in our yards, partly from trees and bushes and other times from things blown in from neighboring properties! A junk removal company […]

How Do Estate Cleanout Services Work?

The estate liquidation industry is usually supported by one of four unfortunate events in the lives of people. They are downsizing due to major lifestyle changes, death of a parent or other family member, divorce, or crippling debt. These events also often require estate or house cleanout services for the homeowner or family. And since […]

What Appliances Can An Appliance Removal Service Take?

We put so much trust in our home appliances. When they stop working, it impacts our daily lives. This disruption, along with having to buy a new appliance, can make the hassle of getting rid of the old appliance even more frustrating. The next time your old refrigerator or dishwasher needs to be replaced or […]

10 Reasons to Let EJR Do the Dirty Work

10 Reasons to Let EJR Do the Dirty Work That old TV from the 90s, that weathered picnic table in your backyard, that storage room you don’t have time to clean, even that old couch you haven’t replaced yet because you don’t know what to do with it – Express Junk Removal can take care […]